About Us

neofreelancer.com is a micro jobs website where employers can connect with freelancers. All freelance projects on this site start from as low as $1 per gig and go up to any amount. We also allow freelancers to provide specific services and make money while giving employers an opportunity to get top talent to work for them at affordable prices.
As one of the largest crowd sourcing, freelancing and outsourcing marketplaces in the world, neofreelancer.com has attracted many freelancers, employers and projects from around the world. Since our founding, we have focused on connecting freelancers and employers from every territory, region and country on the globe.
Through this entrepreneurial marketplace, employers can easily hire highly talented freelancers to work in such areas as writing and translation, graphic design, data entry, and software development through to social media, programming, SEO and marketing, among others. 
We also facilitate the selling and buying of micro jobs over the internet. These services include getting perfectly-designed business cards, career consultants creating eye-catching resume designs, help with JQuery, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, as well as the provision of music, video and animation services. If it can be done online, you should be able to find someone who will do it better and at a fraction of the cost at neofreelancer.com. 

Available Freelance Services

At neofreelancer.com, employers can connect with freelancers who are exceptionally experienced and gifted in providing the following services at a professional level:
- Business
- Graphic Design
- Music
- Programming
- SEO and Marketing
- Social Media
- Videos and Animation
- Writing and Translation
- Others 

Why Choose neofreelancer.com? 

So, why do so many employers and freelancers choose neofreelancer.com? Why do they prefer working on this proprietary platform, and which benefits do they gain after making this choice?
To get answers to these questions, you need to go through the benefits that neofreelancer has in store for you. 

Buyers get to:

a) Work with top talent in the market
b) Boost the success of their individual projects by hiring professional freelancers you have handpicked
c) Save your money and time and get greater peace of mind
d) Stop worrying about such factors as overheads, dealing with agencies, and payroll hassles 
e) Enjoy faster turnaround times on projects – hire today and get the results tomorrow
f) Collaborate with your freelance teams effortlessly while tracking the progress of set projects
g) Completely control your projects 
h) Only pay after you are satisfied with the promised deliverables

Sellers get to:

a) Access thousands of new projects and jobs on a daily basis
b) Enjoy the ability to work from anywhere in the world – even from the convenience of your home
c) Take advantage of the opportunity to make hundreds or thousands of dollars from ongoing projects
d) Forge relationships with new clients and work for them over the long term – further increasing your earning ability
e) Earn money selling something you are actually good at and which you enjoy doing
f) Get enough earnings to allow you the freedom to quit your daytime job, live the life you want, and enjoy greater freedom
g) Choose the projects you would like to work on 
h) Work only when you want or need to

More About Us

As a purpose-driven business, neofreelancer.com makes the hiring and freelancing process easier, cheaper, and more convenient for employers. Everything we do comes right back to our purpose – a purpose that revolves around helping people kick-start and build their business, and live out their dream of remaining independent.
More than what we do and what we work on, our impact in the online marketplace has really defined us. We are especially proud of the hundreds of thousands of freelancers and employers we have connected since we went live. Our work has also had a real impact in the world, helping people earn a steady living and enabling others enjoy exceptional services from expert freelancers. 
This is what gets out of bed each and every day – because we know that so many people are relying on us. Like those individuals and teams who come to neofreelancer.com to make their dreams come true, we root our deep sense of purpose in our ability to help others find work and/or get projects completed on time and within budget.

The New Way to Freelance

neofreelancer.com ranks among the best marketplaces designed for all sorts of freelance services. As part of our ingenious effort to innovate and expand, we have even expanded our list of offered services to include music, video and animation. Therefore, everyone looking to other buy or to sell a service can be sure that neofreelancer.com has what it takes to connect them to the right freelancer or employer, respectively. 
What is more, we value the feedback we receive from our freelancers and employers. This is because we are, over and above everything else, a community comprising of the hustlers, the innovative, the entrepreneurial, and those who will go to the ends of the world to get a job done perfectly and ingeniously. 

Great Talent in One Place

We have the best professionals on the internet – including but not limited to videographers, writers, designers, programmers, and musical geniuses. When you come to neofreelancer.com, therefore, you can be sure that you will be able to hire freelancers with great confidence knowing that they have the work experience you are looking for. 

Find the Perfect Match

By choosing neofreelancer.com, your project will start in a matter of hours. There are many exceptionally gifted experts out there looking for projects just like yours to work on. Therefore, you can be sure that within a couple of hours or days, your project will be completed in a professional manner and according to your specific instructions. 

Promote Your Business 

neofreelancer also connects employers to highly skilled freelancers who will help them build their businesses. For instance, there are freelancers who focus on search engine optimization, marketing, and writing high quality web copy, among others. By signing up at neofreelancer.com, you can connect with these freelancers and get the quality content and SEO services that will attract more clients to your business. 

Creating Freedom and Opportunity

Over and above all, neofreelancer.com is your one-stop shop for everything related to freelancing. As one of the largest online marketplaces offering services and tasks beginning at the $1 mark, we connect freelancers looking to offer their talented services to employers from all around the world. 


To learn more about what we have in store for you, create an account now and start your journey to a lifetime of happy working relationships in a professional environment.